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There are lots of ways for you to have a say in Futures

We want to make Futures the best it can be, and we think the best way to do it is by involving our customers. We're looking for more people to join our expanding online community, who care about their neighbourhood, want to make a difference and have their voice heard.

MyVoice is a friendly space where you can find out more about Futures, have a say in what we’re doing and make things happen – all while receiving points and rewards as a thank you for participating.

Since 2020, our community has helped us to make decisions at Futures Housing Group, sharing views on everything from rent calculators to assistive technology. It’s a great way to stay in the know about what’s going on at Futures and get an exclusive peek at the exciting projects in the pipeline, and help to shape our services so they work for you. It’s also a social space where you can connect with other customers about what’s going on in the news, share your top tips and find out about exciting things happening in your local community.

We’re always looking for new members who want to make a difference and have their voice heard. Sound like you? Click the button below to sign up!


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Make your voice heard

We're constantly striving to improve for our customers and create effortless experiences. To do this, we need your opinions and to hear what you think. So that we can listen to as many customers as possible, we have partnered up with a company called IFF Research who will be carrying out customer research for us. This means that the research will be carried out independently and you will only be identified if you want to be. IFF Research is an independent social and market research agency that works with clients in lots of sectors, including housing, government organisations and private businesses.

Your experience as a customer is a focus for us throughout our organisation. A key part of our corporate plan is about listening to your feedback and developing new ways of working to make experiences effortless and services accessible. We can’t move forward without knowing where we’re going, and the feedback you give helps us map out how to get to where we want to be.

Why we are carrying out this research

Without you, your experiences and your opinions, we cannot fully understand the needs of our customers. This is your opportunity to share with us your views and suggest improvements we can make. We value our customers and this research will give you the chance to make your voice heard.

Why we are working with IFF

IFF Research helps organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to make better-informed decisions. They offer a full suite of research services underpinned by robust methodology, and work with 34 other housing associations. We’re working with them because we want the best insights into our customer’s views, and with 11 years experience in the housing sector, IFF are the ones who can help us achieve our goals.

IFF is a partner member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abides by the MRS Code of Conduct. More information about IFF’s accreditations, standards, and GDPR policy can be found by clicking here.

What to expect

We are looking to involve a variety of people in this research so you may receive a call or email asking you for feedback. Using IFF Research means that you can stay completely anonymous if you want, ensuring that you can give your honest opinions. The phone calls might take place any time between 9am and 7pm Monday-Friday, and between 11am and 4pm on Saturday. The number they will call you from will be 01332 413248.

We really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey and the more detail you can give us, the more we can understand your experiences.

What they will ask you

IFF Research will ask you a range of questions about your experiences as a Futures customer. If you’ve contacted us or used one of our services, they might ask about what your experience was like in that scenario, or they might just ask you how you feel about Futures and if you’re aware of all the services we offer. Sometimes they might ask you questions about a specific service or product, to help us understand how our customers feel about the work we do. There’s no such thing as a wrong answer and your answers can be kept anonymous, so feel free to be as honest as you’d like. We can’t improve unless we know what needs improving, so we welcome all your feedback.

How long it will take

The conversation shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

Keeping your data safe

All our customer data is protected by GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. We have a legitimate interest to undertake our customer surveys, and we have a strict confidentiality agreement in place with IFF to make sure that your personal data is safe and secure.

If you don’t want to take part in research, you don’t have to. You can either let us or IFF know, and we’ll opt you out.

You can view our privacy policy by clicking here.

You can view IFF’s privacy policy by clicking here.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

We want to assure you that, if you are contacted by IFF Research, it will be a genuine market research study being carried out on our behalf. If you want to know more or have any questions at all, please email us at

Our Insight Committee meets quarterly and is responsible for making sure that Futures is listening to our customers and taking their views into account when we’re developing and maintaining our services. With representation from a range of customers living across our areas of operation, alongside a local authority representative, independent experts, Board members and senior members staff from Futures, members of the Insight Committee have led on reviews of service standards and guided Futures input into national initiatives such as Together with Tenants and the Social Housing White paper. They have instigated change in customer service operations and been instrumental in voice of the customer initiatives such as My Voice and our independent feedback surveys. 

Teams across Futures are invited to present their ideas to the committee, which provides feedback based on considerations like how well services meet or exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements, and whether they offer value for money. The committee is instrumental in holding our organisation accountable to the people who are most affected by our services, and their work feeds directly into our Board, meaning customer insight remains at the heart of what we do.

The Insight Committee is a key part of our strategy for engaging with customers and making sure we are taking their views into consideration. We appreciate the work they do to ensure we’re staying true to our customer-centric values. You can find out how the Insight Committee fits into our governing structure by clicking here

If you want to know more about the Insight Committee or have something you want to raise with them, please email


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