Looking for a home?

We have more than 10,000 homes for rent across the East Midlands. Most of them are at social or affordable rents which are typically less than what you'd pay for a private rent property. You will also have more security for a long-term home than you might get through a private rental. 

We'd love to provide an affordable home to everyone who needs one right away, but unfortunately demand outstrips supply right across the country and that includes the East Midlands where we work.

We're building new homes as fast as we can but in the meantime that means there needs to be a system to make sure that the people in most urgent need of a home are prioritised.

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How to get a social rent or affordable rent home

Local councils are responsible for taking care of people who are homeless or in priority need of an affordable home. They have well established systems - going back to the days when many people lived in 'council housing' - to work out who is a priority for social housing and for keeping waiting lists.

As housing associations evolved to take over a lot of former council housing, they worked in close partnership with local councils. The system now in place for nearly all housing associations is one where local councils get to decide who is next in line for a housing association home when they become available. 

So if you want to apply for social housing, the place to start is your local council. They will take information from you and let you know if you are eligible for social housing, how long you might have to wait, and when you reach the 'front of the queue'.

We've provided details for how to get in touch with the councils where we work below. And if you want to know more about how the social housing system works in the UK, there is more information on the website of the housing charity Shelter. 

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If you can afford other options

We do have some private rented homes available. They are listed through local estate agents and property sites like Rightmove and Zoopla. We also have some homes that we advertise directly here on our website so do keep checking. 

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Affordable homes: what to expect

Unlike many homes in the private rental sector, our affordable homes are rented out unfurnished. This is normal for housing association properties and usually means that there will be no carpets or floor coverings, no curtains or blinds, no furniture, and no white goods (cookers, fridges etc) in the kitchen - so you will need to arrange to have these fitted once you have moved in. We have a 'lettable standard' that explains what you can expect to find in your new home. 

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Have a question about finding a home?

Visit the Help Hub for more information:

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Local councils that we work with

Click on the button for the local authority where you live or want to live to find out more about applying for social or affordable homes in that area. 

What to do if you are homeless or at risk of being homeless

Your local council is responsible for supporting people with homelessness issues and has dedicated teams to help. Click the button below to find out how to contact your council.

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Private homes

Our Development team build and acquire new homes throughout the East Midlands to rent, for sale and for shared ownership so you're sure to find what you're looking for, whatever your budget. These are advertised through local estate agents and the major national websites that list homes for rent and for sale.

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Swap your home

You can view and swap homes via HomeSwapper - one of the largest mutual exchange platforms in the UK with around half a million registered users.

There are conditions though. Generally you may exchange if:

  • The move does not lead to overcrowding or substantial under-occupation of a property.
  • You don't owe rent.
  • The other landlord has agreed to the exchange.
  • The exchange does not breach any planning regulations.
  • You get our permission in writing.
  • There is no ongoing legal action linked to your tenancy.

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Watch this space

Occasionally we do have homes available for rent directly and they will be listed below. We will also promote these homes through our social media channels so why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook to make sure you're alerted.