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We want everybody to have a safe, high-quality and affordable home. Find yours here.

Affordable homes.

We work with local councils to provide homes for people looking to move into affordable properties. The bidding process and housing waiting lists are run by the councils. Unlike many homes in the private rental sector, our affordable homes are rented out unfurnished. We have a 'lettable standard' that explains what you can expect to find in your new home. 

Click on the links below to find homes in:

I'm homeless and need help.

The local council is responsible for supporting people with homelessness issues and have dedicated teams to help. 

Private homes.

Visit our commercial development company, Limehouse, for amazing homes throughout the East Midlands.

Limehouse offers homes to rent, for sale and for shared ownership so you're sure to find a dream home whatever your budget.

Swap your home.

You can view and swap homes via HomeSwapper - one of the largest mutual exchange platforms in the UK with around 500,000 registered users.

You may exchange if:

  • The move does not lead to overcrowding or substantial under-occupation of a property.
  • You don't have rent arrears.
  • The other landlord has agreed to the exchange.
  • The exchange does not breach any planning regulations.
  • You get our permission from us in writing.
  • There is no ongoing legal action linked to your tenancy.
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