Your tenancy.


Our tenancy agreements explain everything we are responsible for and everything our customers are responsible for.

Do you want someone else to represent you?
Do you want someone to inherit your tenancy?
Do you want to buy your home?
Moving out
What you need to do when you leave the property
Ending a tenancy on behalf of a someone who has passed away
Outstanding rent when you leave

You can authorise someone else to talk to us about aspects of your tenancy. Print off and fill in this form then return it to us:

Letter of authority PDF

Post your completed form to:

Customer Services Team
Futures Housing Group
Asher Lane Business Park

You can assign someone to inherit your tenancy if you  die. This is called succession of tenancy.

A right to inherit a tenancy depends on:

• your relationship with the tenant
• the type of tenancy they had
• when the tenancy started
• if there has previously been an Assignment of Tenancy

If you inherit a tenancy, it will be on the same terms and conditions. We may ask you for proof of who you are, your relationship with the tenant who died and how long you had lived with them.

Joint tenants

If you hold a joint tenancy with someone who has passed away - you automatically become the sole tenant - this is also known as survivorship.

A joint tenant takes priority over anyone else's claim to inherit the tenancy.

Who can inherit the tenancy

A husband, wife or civil partner will always take priority over anyone else, unless it is a joint tenancy. In this case the tenancy continues in the name of the other joint tenant. If there is a choice between qualifying relatives, you will need to decide among yourselves as to who inherits the tenancy.

You will need to provide us with some identification (passport, driving license or bus pass for example) and prove you have lived at the property with the tenant for the previous 12 months. You can do this with documents such as a council tax bill, utility bill or benefit award letter.

If you're thinking about buying your home, you may be eligible for the Government's Right to Buy scheme.

Find out more here

If you move home you need to end your tenancy with us by:

• giving us four weeks' notice, either in writing or over the phone
• ending your tenancy on a Sunday
• completing our End of tenancy form. You can also get this from our Customer Services team
• making arrangements to clear the property and return the keys.

When you end your tenancy we will:

• give you a receipt for the notice that you provide
• write to confirm receipt of this and confirm the date that your tenancy ends
• tell you how much rent you need to pay to have a clear account
• send you an end of tenancy survey to complete
• arrange to inspect your home before you leave.

If you need to end a tenancy on behalf of a relative or friend please contact us.

When you leave you need to:

• leave your home and garden in good condition
• clear the house of all your furniture and belongings
• replace any broken fittings
• make sure that your rent account is up-to-date
• return any keys you may have to your property or communal areas
• tell other agencies that you have moved, such as benefit providers and utility companies.

When you leave you must not:

• leave anyone else living in your home
• leave behind any of your belongings – you may be charged for disposal
• owe any rent.

We understand that losing a friend or relative is difficult, but we can help to guide you through what you need to do about their Futures Housing Group home when the time comes.

• If you are ending a tenancy on behalf of a relative who has passed away, you will need to complete the End of tenancy form or call us on 0300 456 2531.

• Once we have been informed, you will have four weeks to clear the property. Rent is payable until the end of this period.

• If the relative was claiming housing benefit, then the benefit will end from the Sunday after they day they died. 

• We will also need a copy of the death certificate to end the tenancy.

If you still owe us rent when you vacate your property we will contact you and advise you of how to clear it. Please read our Former tenant arrears FAQs for more information.

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