Unsocial Behaviour.

Everyone should be able to enjoy their home and feel secure in their community which is why our Neighbourhoods Team works with customers to tackle reports of unsocial behaviour.


We can help if you are experiencing unsocial behaviour in your home such as: 
• Noise
• Animal
• Pets
• Property /Garden neglect
• Fly-tipping / Rubbish
• Boundaries
• Vehicles / Parking

Before you contact us

In most cases there are steps you can take to resolve the issue without involving anyone else.

It's good to talk
What if I can't resolve the issue?

Sometimes, people don’t realise they are creating unsocial behaviour or being un-neighbourly. Try and talk to your neighbour when the issue first arises and explain the impact they are having.

Top tips

• Don’t speak to them about the issue when you’re feeling angry or upset
• Choose a time that’s best for everyone
• Plan what you’re going to say, before you say it
• Talk face-to-face if possible
• Be clear about what the problem is, the impact it is having on you and how you think it could be resolved
Stay calm, polite and pleasant
• Be prepared to listen to their side of the story
• Try to come to an agreement that everyone is happy with
• Don’t put yourself at risk, leave straight away if people are aggressive or threatening
• If you don’t feel confident talking to your neighbour or finding a time when you’re both in is tricky, download our “Dear Neighbour” template here, change the bits in yellow to relate to your situation and pop it through their letterbox. 

If you’ve tried talking to your neighbour and are unable to reach an agreement, you can tell us to see what we can do to help. You can also tell us about anything else that’s happening in your neighbourhood.

It may be that we’re not the best people to help you with your issue. We may suggest you talk to your local council or another organisation and we’ll work with them to support you.

Please tell us:

• What has happened (who, when, where, what and why)
• The impact of the crime
• Your report to the police or other agencies and any agreed next steps
• How you’d like us to contact you

We work with the police and other agencies based on the information you’ve provided to help ensure safety and a joined-up response where criminal activity is taking place.

I want to report unsocial behaviour.
We may need to contact other agencies (for example social services or the police) about the information you've provided so we can provide the best possible service to you. We need your consent to do this. If you're happy for us to share this information, please tick the consent box below. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing dataprotection@futureshg.co.uk. Please be aware that in some cases we may be obliged to share your personal data without your consent, for example, if someone may be at risk of harm.
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