Our landscape architect's ideas

We asked a landscape architect to suggest what they think the affected areas could be used for, to give us a starting point for these consultations. Take a look below and see whether you think any of their suggestions might benefit your community. 

Wildflower meadows
Outdoor gym
Children's playground
Car parking

Concrete areas could be removed and planted with bee-friendly wildflowers, enhancing the local eco system and providing a pleasant meadow for residents to look out on and enjoy.

An outdoor gym could be installed so people can exercise near home, without the need to travel or pay a gym membership. We could also link this up to a running route, with excellent benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. 

New opportunities for fun could be created for the little members of the community, with either new play equipment or a more informal landscape where natural features such as boulders or mounds could provide a wealth of creative play opportunities alongside being an attractive place for all residents.

We could improve car parking facilities at the estate. This might mean changing the layout or resurfacing the areas, to make it more effective for those who need it.

A before and after of a previous Groundwork project

Ryman Before
Ryman After (1)
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