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Adaptations to your home

Making changes to help you live independently

We want to make sure that you can remain as independent as possible in your own home.

In some cases that may mean making slight adjustments to ensure you are as safe as possible such as installing key safes or handrails. These types of alterations are known as 'aids and adaptations' and, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to have the alterations made to your home.

If you think that you need minor aids and adaptations to help you live in your home such as:

  • grab-rails or handrails
  • door entry systems
  • key safes
  • lever taps
  • half steps

simply fill out this form to request the alteration.

If you do not see the adaptation you are looking for in the form, then please contact your local authority for a professional assessment of your needs. This is especially needed if you require a larger scale adaptation such as a level access shower or ramp.

We will then work closely with other organisations such as the council and occupational therapists to ensure your needs are met.

There is also lots of technology available to help people to live independently through our Beep Assist service.

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