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A year of MyVoice!

29 January 2021

Happy birthday MyVoice!

We're celebrating a whole year of our MyVoice community – and what better way than to take a look back at all the things we’ve been up to.


In January…

Our MyVoice community started in January 2020 with just 11 members. We introduced them to Joe, our community manager, and asked them to weigh in on the January blues, our new starter questionnaire and the opinion forum itself.


In February…

February was a little busier as the community settled in and rose to 14 members. We celebrated Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday and started our point and prize system. We started a Switchee trial to save our community money on their utility bills and our members helped the digital transformation team by telling us all about how they use different technologies.

"Today 43 yrs ago we got engaged. But have been together for over 44 years and married 42 years this year."


In March…

Our community had a series growth spurt, rising to 59 members. We coped with the start of lockdown together, celebrating national puppy day and challenging our members to create a window rainbow for the children out on their daily walks. We asked our community to review the ‘here to help’ leaflet we provided and took their feedback on board for future communications of this nature.


In April…

Our 61 members told us all about their favourite recipes, how they were keeping busy during those early lockdown days, gardening and shared their Easter celebrations.


In May…

We took some time out to reflect on Mental Health Awareness Week, chatted about the bank holiday and our 66 members looked forward to spending time in the sunshine.

"Monday we had a BBQ in the garden, grass has been cut, fences painted, last of the plant pots put out yesterday, Garden brolly and seating in place to relax now."


In June…

June was a busy month, with lively discussions about everything from the environment to DIY and how to adapt to an increasingly digital world. As part of our standard customer survey we asked if people felt as though they had a voice at Futures, and everyone who said no was invited to join our community. As a result, by the end of the month we had a staggering 73 members.

"I've bought grabbers for me and the kids so when we go on walks we can pick up litter"


In July…

We expanded our digital theme with a survey all about new technology and how it’s made a difference during lockdown, did an augmented reality challenge and asked one of our community members to take part in our annual report.


In August…

The temperature was rising and so were our numbers! Our community of 97 helped the communications team to steer the direction of travel with a heatmap survey about newsletters, and took the opportunity to be involved at our corporate plan launch for stakeholders across the East Midlands by telling us what home means to them.


In September…

We smashed our target for the year with 114 members, with discussions about all things autumn and brand new features including an opportunities board for training and jobs and recommendations for local traders.


In October…

We asked our 124 members what they thought about the tier system, food, internet and money advice!

"Each time I food shop, I round the amount up to the nearest £10 and put it on a savings card."

In November…

The Social Housing White Paper was released, with our members discussing what it means for them. We shared our spooky experiences of Friday 13th and put our eco-warrior hats on to discuss electric cars.

"There is a lot of good in the report and hopefully it will ensure a level playing field to all tenants and housing organisations across the whole of the UK"

In December…

We shared our customer magazine, designed based on the feedback from the communications survey earlier in the year, looked at the complaints journey and had some festive fun on our forums! We ended the year with an astounding 144 members having their say and their voices heard.


If you’d like to get involved in MyVoice it’s easy to join. Just click here and fill in your details – we’d love to have you!


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