Important service announcement in response to the coronavirus outbreak

In response to the current exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we are having to further restrict the types of repairs we can carry out until further notice.

We understand that this will cause inconvenience for customers who are affected. We apologise for this but we need to make these changes to comply with the latest government announcements (Monday 23 March), to help protect our staff and customers from unnecessary exposure to the virus, and to ensure that we do all we can to deal with the most urgent repairs and most vulnerable households.

With immediate effect, we will only deal with the following list of emergency repairs:

  • Structural problems inside your home that are a serious risk to your health and safety.
  • Problems that prevent you from getting into or out of your home.
  • Boarding up windows and doors at the request of the emergency services
  • Repairs to toilets if there is no second toilet in the home and you cannot flush the toilet by using a bucket of water.
  • Water supply failure (ie you have no water in your home)
  • Uncontrollable water leaks.
  • Faulty smoke alarms
  • Blocked drains
  • Complete loss of power.
  • No heat or hot water (both at the same time), but only in homes without any backup heating or where someone has a serious health problem or someone who lives there is a key worker (as defined by the government).
  • No hot water, but again only in homes without any backup system for heating water, or where someone has a serious health problem or someone who lives there is a key worker (as defined by the government).

We will also deal with the following issues through an external supplier plus any follow-on work necessary to deal with an underlying cause.

  • Carbon monoxide alarm sounding constantly.
  • A gas leak or if you smell gas at your home.

We will continue to ask you screening questions before we visit your home to assess the risk of passing on the virus (both from us to you and from you to us).

We will also continue to ensure that all lifelines we provide through Beep Assist are functioning.

We reserve the right not to enter a home where people have (or are suspected to have) the virus on public health grounds. Our ability to carry out repairs could also be affected shortages of protective equipment.

Once again we apologise for any disruption and inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your support and understanding at this challenging time.

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