Customer on cloud nine in supported housing

A disabled pensioner has discovered a new lease of life and peace of mind after moving into sheltered housing provided by Futures Housing Group.

Arthritis sufferer Cloud Rogers-Kerney, 71, lived in fear of falling in her two-storey Daventry home before moving into Saxon House, Northamptonshire. Now, she says she has found a new lease of life in her new home, with ready-made friendships, a beautifully maintained home and access to life-saving technology.

Futures is highlighting Cloud’s story as part of a national Starts At Home campaign which raises awareness of the importance of supported housing.

Cloud said: “I remember Daventry District Council giving me choices; a bungalow, ground floor flat or supported housing.

“If someone had told me three months ago that I’d be living in supported housing I would have laughed, this isn’t where I expected to be but it’s absolutely right for me.”

Cloud has arthritis in both knees and other associated health challenges but says her new home’s built-in Telecare service, also provided by Futures, has given her a new peace of mind.

She said: “Everything was against me in my old house. I feel so safe now, safer than ever. Everything here is geared up for mental and physical security. I can’t even remember what my life was like in my home before.”

Supported housing is a crucial part of the housing market, especially when providing homes for often vulnerable and elderly people.

Suki Jandu, Group Director of Customer Experiences at Futures, said: “We aim to provide safe, secure, quality housing for our customers and it’s wonderful to hear that we can make such a difference.

“It’s important to remember the impact supported housing has on elderly and vulnerable people, often it provides more than just a roof over their heads.”

Starts at Home Day, Friday 31st August, is a day in which day the housing sector comes together to celebrate and champion the value of supported housing.

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