Futures fixes up work experience

A Daventry mum of two is pursuing her plumbing dream, thanks to support on tap from local housing provider Futures Housing Group. 

Lisa Scraboro, aged 35, recently completed a college plumbing course but her lack of practical experience stopped her from landing a full-time role, so she contacted the landlord for support through its Futures Gateways initiative. 
Futures Gateways is a nationally recognised programme which helps Futures’ customers prepare for their first role or a return to work. 
The team organised an eight-day placement with one of their contractors, PJ Lilley Ltd, and now Lisa has gained the experience which she believes will help her to find a full time role. 
Referring to her decision to pursue a career in plumbing, Lisa said: “I love it, I find it so interesting because I get to do a different thing every day. Construction is dominated by men because people think women can’t do things like heavy lifting – but there’s a lot of skills that we can bring to the sector.” 
Lindsey Williams, Futures Housing Group’s chief executive, said: “We’re really pleased that we’ve been able to connect Lisa and provide her with the crucial work experience she needs. 
“Through Futures Gateways, local firms, such as PJ Lilley, can find skilled and work-ready people who support the local economy, as well as helping customers maintain their tenancies thanks to a stable income. I wish Lisa every luck in her future career.” 
Tom Travers, building services director at PJ Lilley, said: “For a while now we’ve given experience to help people into employment, showing them a taste of the workplace. College is great but it’s different on site, where you need practical as well as technical knowledge. We deliberately chose a week for Lisa that would give her a wide variety of experience and from what I hear she’s been getting on really well.” 
In addition to finding work experience placements with local firms, Futures Gateways also finds volunteering opportunities, provides support with job hunting and applications. Futures Gateways helps customers prepare for their first role or a return to work; perhaps after long term sick leave, career re-training, child raising or time as a carer. 
In the past year, it has worked with 92 customers like Lisa, 17 of whom have been supported into long-term roles. Twenty-four have received job offers and a further 69 have secured a job interview. In addition, 214 job skills sessions have been delivered to improve customer opportunities and their quality of life. 
This commitment has seen Futures recognised in the ‘Excellence in Employment Skills & Training’ shortlist at the Tpas Awards.

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