Comments, compliments and complaints


We want all our customers to have positive experiences with us and would love to hear from you if a member of our team has exceeded your expectations. If you’d like to leave a compliment, you can contact us in lots of different ways. See below to find out how.


If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received, we aim to resolve this first time by being fair, transparent and consistent. However, if you’re not happy with the result and wish to make a formal complaint, we follow a two-step process.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter within three days of us receiving your complaint. Our customer resolutions officer will then contact you to discuss the complaint in detail, how long the investigation is likely to take, talk through your expected outcomes and the actions we will then take.

We will review all available evidence through a formal investigation and contact you to talk about our findings. We will then send you a letter of confirmation when the complaint has been resolved.

On the rare occasions that we need more time to solve an issue for you (for example if there is a major repair required to your property) we will work with you and keep in regular touch with you until the issue is resolved.

If you aren't satisfied with how we have tried to resolve your complaint and you have new or more evidence of how we failed, there is an option of a single-stage appeal process. 

All appeals will be considered by either our customer services manager or our customer services director, unless the appeal itself is about either of them, in which case it will be reviewed by another, appropriate member of our Executive Team.

If you still feel that we haven't resolved the complaint correctly and you have been through our process, you have the right to take this to the Housing Ombudsman service. You can find out more about this on the Housing Ombudsman’s website here.

Click here to view our full complaints, comments and compliments policy.

Visit our Contact us page for details of how to get in touch and leave a compliment or make a complaint.

Complaints 2019

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Your feedback matters

Without your feedback, we cannot put right what we have done wrong. Here are some of the things we have learned:



A complaint was made about the manufacturing of the lifeline systems we provide to customers. The fact that the customer could not easily locate the unit in the dark made him very anxious. 


We have given the customer a small battery-operated light near his lifeline unit. 

What we have learned

To prevent this problem in the future we will provide fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark strips with all units to make them more visible in dark rooms.



We had an out-of-hours call from a customer who could not get into her home because the key fob wasn't working.


We replaced the broken fob. 

What we have learnt

To prevent this problem in future, we installed a key safe outside the building. If any of the customers living there have issues with their key fobs, they can now call us for the code and use the replacement to enter the building to save having to wait for someone to come out and let them in.

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