A brand fit for the future

Like many organisations we have had to rise to the challenge of working through a pandemic. We have had to become more agile overnight and safety has risen even higher up our agenda. Despite the virus we have launched our new corporate plan to set our ambition for the future in a world changed by digital technology and by Covid-19.

So what better time to launch a new look as a symbol of moving forward?

This is not a rebrand just for the sake of it. We talked to staff, customers and other stakeholders to understand how they see us. It’s clear that most people like and respect Futures, but not everyone understands our range of services and all the parts that make up our diverse organisation. To help present ourselves more clearly to the world we needed an image that better represents what we stand for. 

We also looked at how other housing organisations present themselves and decided that we wanted to stand out from the crowd. The more we thought about it, the more we realised that our old branding wasn’t helping, so developed a new logo and style that form the building blocks of relaunching ourselves with a fresh new look.

The new brand is now widely in use across the organisation. Throughout 2021 you will increasingly see it online, in our publications, on signage, clothing and vans.

We're also aligning all of our brands within a clear ‘family tree’. This will make it easier to show the range of services we offer in a joined-up way. So, for example, our Money Advice and Employment Advice services have a fresh, new look that clearly connect with our main logo. 

We hope you like our new look, but more importantly we hope you like our evolving organisation.


Welcome to our new brand

This short animation explains how and why we have changed our branding.

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