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Finding a home

Futures Homescape offer homes to rent or buy, through shared ownership, in Amber Valley, Erewash, Bolsover and Ashfield.

There are three options for renting a home from us.

If you are an existing Tenant you can also swap your home through Homeswapper.

Option One - Home Options

You can register for housing through Home Options and you can bid for available properties.

Option Two - Private Landlord

We do have other properties for rent which are not allocated through Home Options and these properties are generally leased from a private landlord for five years.Your tenancy will be with Futures Homescape and you would report your repairs and pay rent to Futures Homescape. Find out more here.

Option Three - Available Properties

We also advertise some properties direct on our website as 'Available Properties' and you can contact Futures Homescape direct to make enquiries about our available homes.


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